Cake, anyone?

I have a confession.

To say I’ve put photography on the back burner is an understatement. Let’s just say my little hiatus has kept it a hidden talent since I’ve moved to Bolivia.

Somewhere between uprooting from my base in the States to settling in Santa Cruz I lost my mojo. Or rather, I’ve loosened the tight grip I’ve held on my passion for the last four years and let it gradually slip away.

Sure, I’ve snapped a few rounds here and there, but by no means has it contributed to the all-consuming lifestyle of a photographer as I love for it to. I’ve been craving stability, a sense of routine, ever since I wrapped up my backpacking stint, and the move to South America has since reordered some of my priorities.

Instead of running around behind my camera, I’ve stood in front of the classroom putting a teaching gig ahead of all things photo. I’ve spent more time thinking of great projects and creative work I can do here as opposed to making necessary moves and putting ideas into action.

But alas! I’ve rediscovered my passion nestled in a piece of mil hojas torta ( thousand layer cake).

I really can’t believe how I gave up on all of this for a while there. (Think of how many more pounds I could have gained the last few months making these pieces look pretty and then making them disappear.) No, no, no. Seriously, I let intimidation get the best of me and I admit that what’s been holding me back in this field here hasn’t been language barriers or holdups in visa and labor technicalities. It’s been me.

So, after a solid sugar coma and a long awaited sense of clarity, it’s safe to say I’M BACK IN THE BUSINESS. Whatever labels, definitions, boundaries and limitations I’ve assigned to the roles of photographer, freelancer, nomad, traveler, journalist, foreigner, etc., I’m throwing them out the window and focusing on what’s important: doing what I love and loving what I do.

As it turns out, I just so happen to also love gyros. Luckily, we shot some of these as well for , where you can find these divine desserts.

You know, folks? From now on I think I’ll have my cake and eat it too.

About Jessica Janoski

Creator of The Bohemian Diaries, Jessica is a photojournalist documenting South American life as a Bolivian expat and self-proclaimed adventure extraordinaire.