Amigos Queridos

So last week I posted a couple images of gorgeous models parading around the city promoting Bolivia’s fashionable journal and notebook brand Tilibra, but silly me, I failed to post here.

To make up for it, here’s a couple more shots you won’t find on the good ‘ol Facebook , or any of its other social counterparts.

In part, we shot for Día de la Amistad (Friendship Day, July 23) and the upcoming Día del Amor y la Amistad (Valentine’s Day equivalent, September 21). Seriously though, how adorable are these images? Thing is, while these guys are incredible models, they are even better friends which made my job a breeze. The instantaneous, friends-until-proven-otherwise aspect of Latin culture is something I’ve really come to admire. I’ve always defended the American way of  acquaintances first with friendship following. Maybe an official holiday in the States will turn things around 😉

This is just so ABC Family Latina. Or High School Musical South America. And I LOVE it.

Until later, but for now, let’s be friends :)

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