Weekly Wishes – Número Seis

Are we already rolling into October?! My how the month flew by! It’s getting hot, hot, hot here in Santa Cruz and I’m missing the fall weather back in the States. I can’t even look at my sister’s Instagram account anymore full of over-sized sweaters and scarves, spiced chai lattes and chili-making. We’re from Minnesota so the cool weather is precious before it’s freezing again. As of yet there’s not much planned for October so I’m really going to stay focused on building up my blog as a business and networking as much as I can as a freelance travel photojournalist. What are you looking forward to during October?

Last week’s wishes

1. Grow my social media outlets. Boom. I was particularly set on growing my Bloglovin’ and Pinterest audiences this week and indeed I did! Promoting my new Pinterest group board for travel bloggers on helped increase my overall Pinterest followers by 25% in just one week. ONE WEEK. 25%. Patting my back right now :) Bloglovin fans also increased, by 76% to be exact, but my numbers are pretty low so any increase is fairly significant.

2. Produce 20 ‘I Am Bolivia’ Posts. Sadly this didn’t come to fruition this week as I had a few misconceptions about the fair before I set out to interview locals. The goal of this project is to produce high-quality portraits along with short stories and with fair hours beginning around 6 p.m., full flash photos just wouldn’t cut it. I hope to keep moving with this project soon!

3. Choreograph Zumba routine . I got my groove on in the studio this week and between learning a full new routine with my fellow instructors, I also put together a few dances of my own that I can’t get enough of. #addicting.

4. Print photos . Hallelujah! I sent a couple to the printer to hang on the wall, but mostly developed some 4x6s to put in a book. It’s a start and I can’t wait to pick them up this week!

This week’s wishes/goals

1. Create blog sign-up forms. There are currently two options to follow blog posts from The Bohemian Diaries , can you spot them? No? I barely can either. This week I hope to make my subscription forms more prominent and enticing so you can’t resist receiving little email updates :)

2. ‘I Am Bolivia’ Posts. I didn’t get around to any last week and I can’t neglect anymore. I’ll post at least one portrait this week.

3. Develop The Bohemian Diaries branding. I love how things have been looking on the blog lately but I don’t have a concrete brand. No logo, no brand identity. I’m struggling with the idea to splurge and have a logo designed for me as I am plenty capable, but it’s always more challenging to satisfy yourself and so in my case, it just doesn’t get finished. Know of any great designers you can point in my direction?

4. Catch up on posts. I have draft after draft to publish so I better get to it!

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