Weekly Wishes – Número Uno

Working from home is a double-edged sword. On one hand, I work alone and make my own schedule doing what works best for me. On the other hand, I still work alone. While I enjoy the quiet moments, I miss my days in the newsroom where I have a team of creatives to bounce ideas off of at any given moment and word nerds that I can rely on when something just doesn’t fit right with my writing. And I’m not going to lie, it’s a helluva lot harder to adhere to my own deadlines when I don’t exactly hold myself accountable for not meeting them. So, to kickstart my creativity each week and set some solid goals, I’m reaching out to the blogging-sphere for some inspiration and motivation.

This week I’m joining Meylssa from , and a host of other fellow bloggers, in the the pursuit of of meeting goals and encouraging one another to make shit happen. Let’s get to it!

This week’s wishes/goals

1. Set up CoSchedule. I’m terrible at managing my social media content with my blog posts. I’m even worse at staying consistent about posting anything . Solution: Schedule all of my drafts, ideas, posts and stories using this sweet little calendar that looks to be a lifesaver. If you’re anything like me I highly encourage you to check it out and I’ll hopefully reporting back to you next week with how productive it made me 😉

2. Publish three blog posts. I have some great stuff locked and loaded, I just need to get it out there for your eyes to enjoy.

3. Put together a resources page. I can’t tell you how many people are curious as to what camera and lenses I shoot with, how I edit my photos, what’s in my equipment bag, etc. I’m thinking a little guide to what goes into my photography would be useful, stay tuned!

The Nectar Collective

What are you hoping to accomplish this week?

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