Twenty-six During Twenty-six

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It’s here, it’s here! Time to blow out the candles on another year and wish for the best in the next to come.

Seeing as I basically spent the entire last year in a perpetual state of existential uncertainty (read: quarter-life crisis), I’ve decided to give this following year some direction. And seeing as I can’t resist a good list, here’s one to keep me busy for the next 365 days. Let’s knock a few out together?

26 kick-ass, life-changing, and personally challenging things to accomplish while 26.

Get down to business.

  1. Put this journalism degree to better use and continue freelancing pieces to travel/news publications on a regular basis. Now to define “regular basis”…
  2. Focus on taking The Bohemian Diaries to the next level.  My hope is that this eventually becomes a solid travel resource and place to go for photography/travel inspiration.
  3. Sell some of my photographs and establish an online gallery. Buy one?
  4. Open my own studio/office.
  5. Take a class. Maybe business, maybe political science. Heck, maybe even the business of politics. Just as long as it’s something new.
  6. Climb a mountain. This is kind of cheating since it was one of two New Year’s resolutions for 2014 but it’s a little more daunting than I expected. (A few months ago I was winded walking up and down a simple flight of stairs in small Bolivian town at high altitude.) So, I’m giving myself some leeway if I can’t manage to summit by the end of the calendar year.
  7. Visit three countries, old or new. Preferably on a new continent. This may get tricky considering my visa limitations regarding travel outside of the country but where there’s a will there’s a way. Right?
  8. Tour Mendoza wineries and vineyards.
  9. Get lost in the city of La Paz, Bolivia.
  10. Photograph the Milky Way.
  11. Master one kick-ass dish in the kitchen. Or at least put all of my hours watching Food Network to good use and try 10 completely new-to-me recipes.
  12. Improve upon my subpar Bachata moves and take Latin ballroom partnering classes. #MyHipsDontLie
  13. Take a 30-day challenge. 30 days of clean eating. Or 30 acts of kindness towards strangers. Note: I will not acknowledge Pinterest’s 30-days to rock hard abs or a better butt. I refuse.
  14. Read a book in Spanish.
  15. Watch The Godfather . And The Sopranos . And any other mobster/mafia must-sees I’ve made it this far without watching but probably should just get to anyway.
  16. Catch an El Dorado fish. I’ve already caught a piranha , this shouldn’t be too bad.
  17. Attempt a 10k and half marathon.
  18. Volunteer with a local NGO or organization working towards community development here in Bolivia.
  19. Paint my nails in pure glitter. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little glam every once in a while for this girl.
  20. Establish a morning routine. Such as, waking up early in the morning and devote time to working on any one of these goals without crawling back to bed for a mid-morning nap.
  21. Eat more fresh fruit. I really love fruit, but it’s been pointed out that only love fruit that I don’t have to peel, cut, carve or actually work at eating. Picky, much?
  22. Fight for a cause.
  23. Make deadlines and stick to them. Or rather, follow through with my ideas instead of let them float around without putting them into action.
  24. Mediate. Or practice yoga more often.
  25. Find a balance. Which will come with #20 and #26.
  26. Live more in the moment and don’t get burdened by the small things. Smile more and enjoy this beautiful life.

What are some things you are working toward accomplishing throughout the year? Any tips for committing to some of these items?

Wish me luck!

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